One of the major trends of Company GNT is a joint realization of finance-consuming projects in construction/reconstruction of real estate, in the context of Kingdom of Belgium, in view of the growth of a project portfolio of Group GNT; as a result, we give our partners good opportunities to receive legal income in the territories of the European Union countries.

The benefit of the partnership with us is the access of our company to exclusive information about investment attractive real estate objects, subject to selling. Besides, we suggest for consideration only the projects with a low level of investment risk and a high profitability (on the average from 7% to 20% annually) depending on a project and an investment volume for the countries-members of the European Union. In a process of a project implementation, our team studies (works out) a turnkey-type project and provides the information necessary for decision making, develops a financial plan of an investment project, receives a permit, if necessary, and prepares required documents; we also register a new legal entity for a joint project. We perform all this at our expense. Thus, a partner has an access to complete information about profitability and the implementation of the project, and also a possibility to influence the process.  

Our company negotiates with banks when it concerns credits (to open a credit line) to finance construction at 1.5-2.5%; also, as we have an excellent credit history, we act as a guarantor for a new legal entity, created for a joint project with a partner.

Assurance of the protection of a partner’s corporate rights and interests

  • Minimization of financial risks as the assets are placed to the account of a joint company, created for a project, rather than to the account of group GNT.
  • Availability of direct investments of Group GNT to each of the projects implemented in team with a partner.  
  • Feasibility to get a block of stock of a joint company in compliance with the volume of direct investments.
  • Unanimous decision making within a joint company regardless of the investment volume, excluding the possibility to have a unilateral influence on the project realization.
  • Investment amount and procedure of income distribution are envisaged in a consistent contract of a joint company.
  • Conditions to predict a mechanism of exercising a current control over the performance of a joint company.
  • Support of Group GNT in the choice of structuring mechanisms to attract investments and tax optimization at a stage of striking an income in accordance with the regulatory requirements of Kingdom of Belgium.