The company of a complete GNT cycle has a long-term experience in the sphere of designing, project management, construction, infrastructure support for all types of construction projects as well as reconstruction and restoration of some historical monuments.

From a general planning to a construction completion, our experts in each sphere, including planners, architects, engineers, designers, join their efforts to make a complex decision of the construction, designing of civil facilities, signal systems, telecommunications, electrification with a further development of the infrastructure for the construction premises in a private sector, large commercial projects of different sizes and complexity, as well as real estate in a social sphere.

Using our rich experience, we can totally integrate economic, social, physical ad ecological aspects of the construction and a further development of a real estate object. 

We are good at providing practical decisions for those who are goal- and result-oriented in the sphere of construction.

Our holistic approach to the understanding of project sophistication is pragmatic and innovative; it guarantees that our solutions are well-balanced, friendly and stable.