Dear Sirs/Madams,
Company “GNT Group” presents our duty to you!
Our company has been working in markets of Belgium and EU countries since 2007. For the period of 14 years we managed to accomplish over 300 objects of various complexities. Nowadays more than 80 highly qualified specialists work in the company. We use the advanced methods which save time and inputs.
The company of a complete GNT cycle has a long-term experience in the sphere of designing, project management, construction, infrastructure support for all types of construction projects as well as reconstruction and restoration of some historical monuments. From a general planning to a construction completion, our experts in each sphere, including planners, architects, engineers, designers, join their efforts to make a complex decision of the construction, designing of civil facilities, signal systems, telecommunications, electrification with a further development of the infrastructure for the construction premises in a private sector, large commercial projects of different sizes and complexity, as well as real estate in a social sphere.
In addition, one of the major trends of Company GNT is a joint realization of finance-consuming projects in construction/reconstruction of real estate, in the context of Kingdom of Belgium, in view of the growth of a project portfolio of Group GNT; as a result, we give our partners good opportunities to receive legal income in the territories of the European Union countries. A success of our client is a success of our company and each of our employees.