Company GNT works as a partner with Lithuanian company-producer, as a result we can offer good-quality aluminum products at competitive prices directly from the plant. Also we can provide professional service as to project development and aluminum item assembling.
We provide our clients with a whole complex of service: from the manufacture of aluminum profile systems according to the preset sizes and forms to delivery and proper assembling of the constructions. Having contacted the company, you will definitely see that our staff’s work is professional, operative and of good quality.
Experienced masters, highly skilled in producing reliable, nice and durable profile systems, work for our company. Another advantage of our company is that updated automated equipment is used in the production facilities. The latter allows us to execute orders as efficiently as possible.   
GNT Group output:
  • windows
  • doors
  • sliding и складывающиеся системы
  • curtain walls
  • anti-fire aluminum doors (certified in EU)
Complex solution for clients:
  • ventilation
  • balustrade
  • mosquito net
  • sunscreens
  • folding blinds, etc..